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Objectivism Q & A

Transhumanism: How does it relate to Objectivism?

What is Objectivism's general stance on the concept of Transhumanism, as well as the complex ethical, metaphysical, and political issues that it entails? 
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Libertarianism and Objectivism: Compatible?

What are Objectivist views on Libertarianism, and what are the similarities and differences between the two?
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What is the Objectivist View of Democracy?

Sadly, the political system of the United States today is a hybrid of legitimate liberal democracy, mob rule, and social democracy. However, the U.S. was founded as a liberal democracy.     
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Is Homosexuality Moral?

Objectivism holds that as long as no force is involved, people have the right to do as they please in sexual matters, whether or not their behavior is considered by others to be or is in fact moral.        
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Is Capitalism Despicable?

Objectivists advocate laissez-faire capitalism because it is the only sociopolitical system that bans the initiation of force from human interactions.
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