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Video: Objectivism and India 

objectivism in indiaUsing cultural themes specific to India, Jerry Johnson explores how Objectivism can be more easily promoted and digested within non-Western cultures. Explore 

Video: 1st stop: the bakery. 2nd stop: Galt's Gulch!

First she bought a building. Partnering with a friend, she turned it into a bakery. But Kathy Prellwitz soon got entangled in a complex web of government regulations and fees associated with becoming a business owner. The experience left her in the end with only one thought: Get me to Galt’s Gulch!
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Video: Virtue and Selfishness

objectivism ethics virtue selfishness ayn randThe Objectivist ethics is based in a recognition that, for each organism, its life is its ultimate value. This is the egoism, or "selfishness," that lies at the root of the Objectivist ethics. In this session, William R Thomas discusses this meta-ethical view and contrasts it with other ethical conceptions.
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