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Aphorisms and Philosophy

Aphorisms are philosophical statements with a punch: they deliver a statement about life, often in amusing or easy-to-remember terms. They have a long history, starting with the ancient Greeks, and are still used now. In this talk, Jay Friedenberg defines aphorisms and contrasts them with other short literary forms, providing examples from around the world. He will then read examples of his own aphorisms on Objectivist topics and contrast aphorisms and fully constructed philosophies.
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Desperate exchanges in the kidney black market

A woman might sell her kidney for a sack of rice if her family is on the brink of starvation and she knows of no better alternative.Philosophy professor and author Neera K. Badhwar argues that heroic figures like Dagny or Rearden would never give a starving woman only a sack of rice for a kidney, because they would regard it as unjust. But pinpointing the injustice of the act is not so easy. She focuses on trying to understand this issue.
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Sidney Powell on "The real legacy of the Enron task force"

Texas "superlawyer" Sidney Powell describes how a handful of corrupt federal prosecutors destroyed Arthur Andersen; assaulted Wall Street; sent innocent Merrill Lynch executives to prison; changed the balance of power in the US Senate; facilitated the enactment of Obamacare; and became assistant attorneys general for the criminal division of the Department of Justice, chief White House counsel, and general counsel for the FBI.
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The Search for Romanticism in Hollywood

objectivism john galt Screenwriter-turned-novelist Vinay Kolhatkar will take you through the basics of contemporary screenwriting theory and draw parallels with romanticism. After this talk, you may be perpetually walking out of theaters re-plotting the story to make it more inspiring, more intriguing, and more conflict-driven. You could even be on your way to becoming a romanticist fiction writer.
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Why John Galt is an inventor

objectivism john galt Was Ayn Rand wrong when she said, “Patents … are the legal implementation of the base of all property rights”? In this unique presentation patent attorney Dale B. Halling explores why John Galt is an inventor.
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Bucking the Establishment in Art

art objectivism realism Ever wonder what would it take nowadays to buck the establishment in art? Find out from maverick painter Paul Ingbretson.
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Presidential power and the dangers of delegation

The separation of powers remains the most powerful structural device (apart from a well-armed citizenry) yet invented for reducing the risk of tyranny. Boston University law professor Gary Lawson discusses the decades-long threat to that separation.
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Objectivist ethics for parents and children

When children are born, they are mentally and spiritually unformed. For parents, they imply an obligation to provide love and care. Why should people consider taking on such an obligation? And what do the values at stake in parenting imply about how parents should treat children? For their part, children grow up taking their parents and family as given. And children are accustomed to depending on their parents for love and support. How should minor children act to develop their own independence and to convert their familial relations from duty to a positive, value-based relation?
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How to make a great person (Part 1)

parenting objectivism family Does the Objectivist philosophy apply to parenting? What should parents and parents-to-be think about when deciding to bring children into the world?
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How to make a great person (Part 2)

parenting objectivism family Montessori educator Donahue Shortridge concludes her two-part series on parenting. Does the Objectivist philosophy apply to parenting? What should parents and parents-to-be think about when deciding to bring children into the world?
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Video: The Sanction of the Victim

Atlas Shrugged - what is the sanction of the victim? Why did John Galt go on strike? David Kelley explores the foundation of Galt's strike: the nature of the "sanction of the victim," and what is entailed in withdrawing it. This presentation will  provide insight into the forthcoming Atlas Shrugged Part III, the final installment of the film adaptation. 
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Video: Objectivism and India 

objectivism in indiaUsing cultural themes specific to India, Jerry Johnson explores how Objectivism can be more easily promoted and digested within non-Western cultures. Explore now > 

Video: 1st stop: the bakery. 2nd stop: Galt's Gulch!

First she bought a building. Partnering with a friend, she turned it into a bakery. But Kathy Prellwitz soon got entangled in a complex web of government regulations and fees associated with becoming a business owner. The experience left her in the end with only one thought: Get me to Galt’s Gulch!
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Video: Virtue and Selfishness

objectivism ethics virtue selfishness ayn randThe Objectivist ethics is based in a recognition that, for each organism, its life is its ultimate value. This is the egoism, or "selfishness," that lies at the root of the Objectivist ethics. In this session, William R Thomas discusses this meta-ethical view and contrasts it with other ethical conceptions.
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Objectivity: Metaphysical and Epistemological 

objectivism epistemology metaphysics ayn rand What does it mean to be objective? David Kelley discusses the relation of the objective, the intrinsic, and the subjective. He discusses objectivity both in a metaphysical and in an epistemological sense. And he shows why objectivity is essential to the Objectivist conception of reason as an absolute.
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