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Values In Atlas Shrugged (Part 1: Career)

Values in Atlas Shrugged (Part 1: Career)

By William R Thomas

Atlas Summit 2012 -- The heroes of Atlas Shrugged are rational, productive businesspeople. In Ayn Rand's thought, a career represents the central value in one's life, the means by which one supports oneself independently and reshapes the world. In this talk, William R Thomas discusses the value of a career of productive work in the context of the Objectivist philosophy and the events in the novel. He will consider how Objectivist ethics apply to productive titans Hank Rearden and how they apply to ordinary workers like Eddie Willers.

Filming of The Atlas Summit was done by Synthesis Multimedia Inc.

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William R Thomas has written on topics in politics, ethics, and epistemology, and has spoken internationally on the theory of individual rights and Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. His works include Radical for Capitalism, and, as editor, The Literary Art of Ayn Rand. He is the director of programs for The Atlas Society. Thomas is currently a lecturer in the Department of Economics of the University at Albany.