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The Problem With "Selfishness" --Marsha Enright

The Problem With "Selfishness" --Marsha Enright

By Marsha Enright

Atlas Summit 2012 -- In her book, The Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand exhorted readers to put the word "selfishness" to its true and proper use: to describe the ethic of rational self-interest. Fifty-one years later, it's still an uphill battle to get others to accept this use of "selfishness." Education pioneer and author Marsha Familaro Enright examines the semantic, conceptual and cultural problems with following Rand's admonition and suggests alternatives.


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Marsha Enright earned her B.A. in biology from Northwestern, and an M.A. in psychology from The New School for Social Research. Marsha Enright is currently the president of the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute, and leads development of the College of the United States and its wholly independent scholarship fund. Ms. Enright writes and presents on a broad range of topics, from research neuropsychology to philosophical biology to contemporary culture. Her work has been published in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, The New Individualist, Objectivity, The Daily Caller, Real Clear Markets and elsewhere. Her articles are compiled on In 1990, Ms. Enright founded Council Oak Montessori School for students ages 3 to 15 on Chicago's far southwest side. In 2006 and again in 2011, it was named one of the top private elementary schools in Chicagoland by Chicago Magazine.