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Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand's magnum opus


An overview and analysis of the plot and essential themes of Atlas Shrugged Part II, in relation to the forthcoming movie.
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Atlas Shrugged as Literature

Find out how Ayn Rand “used the simple formula of a detective story to create a highly complex philosophical novel – a novel where ideas are presented as answers to the mysterious events.”
By Robert James Bidinotto
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Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand's Philosophical Stunt Novel

Atlas Shrugged: simply the finest combination of serious ideas and artistic mojo.
By William R Thomas
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Plot Synopsis of Atlas Shrugged

How well do you know the storyline of Atlas Shrugged?
By Robert James Bidinotto
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Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical Thriller  (audio program)

It may be the greatest philosophical novel of all time, but what's a novel and what's philosophy? What method did Ayn Rand use to make it such a powerful work?
By William R Thomas
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