Atlas Shrugged

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The Atlas Shrugged Movie

A trilogy in the making

Atlas Shrugged Part 3: video scene commentaries

Gain insight into the ideas of Atlas Shrugged. Featuring clips from Atlas Shrugged Part 3.
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Atlas Shrugged video course!

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 teaser trailer just released In these short, engaging videos, philosopher David Kelley, a script consultant on the movie trilogy, plays excerpts from the films and discusses their philosophical meaning.

Each commentary discusses a key idea as dramatized in the films. By watching them, you will acquire or deepen your mastery of the basic elements of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.  Note; Six new videos have been added to htis series.
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Interview with James Manera (Atlas Shrugged Part 3)

David Kelley and Laurie Rice interview director James Manera, in L.A. on the set of Atlas Shrugged Part III.  Read now >


Help bring Part 3 to the screen!

There are several actions you can take to help support the making of Part 3. We need your help!
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The Critics of Atlas Shrugged Part 2: The Strike

The Inquirer characterizes the movie’s theme as “The herd are always trying to mooch… They want handouts.” But the moochers who seek the handouts in Atlas Shrugged Part 2 are the businessmen who can “compete” with Hank Rearden only by allying themselves with Washington power brokers.  Read More >


Video interviews and commentaries about Atlas Shrugged Part 2

David Kelley interviews the stars of Atlas Shrugged Part 2 about their insights into the characters they played and how they prepared for their performances. Kelley also provides clips and insights into some key scenes in the movie. 
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Remarks by executive producer John Aglialoro, at D.C. premiere

If the producer’s reward is denigration, under-appreciation, and wearying governmental roadblocks, our producers may just decide to shrug and to go on strike.
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David Kelley's Remarks at the Washington, D.C. Premiere

Atlas Society founder and chief intellectual office David Kelley addressed the crowd gathered to see the premiere of Atlas Shrugged Part 2. "Part 2 of Atlas Shrugged is darkest part of the story. It is also the most relevant part for our world today"
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Why is There a New Cast for Atlas Shrugged Part 2?

We get that question more often than any other about Atlas Shrugged Part 2. The answer requires a bit of history.
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Final Filming Days for Atlas Shrugged Part 2: TAS On Set Again

Read Laurie Rice's intriguing and fun account of the final days of filming Part 2 of the Atlas Shrugged movie. Included: a glimpse of cameos by conservative and libertarian activists, and off-camera antics and amusing comments by the film's stars.
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On the Set of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

The Atlas Society's David Kelley and Laurie Rice recently returned from L.A. where they worked on the movie and were on set to observe filming. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at their trip and the production that's underway.
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An overview and analysis of the plot and essential themes of Atlas Shrugged Part II, in relation to the forthcoming movie. 
By David Kelley  
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Atlas Shrugged Part 2 greenlighted!

Part 2 will be in theaters this fall! And, as with the first movie, The Atlas Society will be heavily involved both in promoting the movie and spreading the Objectivist philosophy developed by Rand. Read More >


Atlas Society special edition DVD of movie available

Now you can own Atlas Shrugged Part 1 and support The Atlas Society's work by purchasing it.
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Scene Commentaries based on the Atlas Shrugged Part 1 movie

Explore the ideas of Atlas Shrugged in these video commentaries by David Kelley. Each video explores a theme, and includes clips from the Atlas Shrugged Part 1 movie.
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Review of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

This film is going to turbocharge the debate over Rand’s vision of capitalism as a moral ideal.  By David Kelley
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