Atlas Shrugged

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Atlas Shrugged Part 2


Who is John Galt?

In Atlas Shrugged Part 2, we see how many great achievers have disappeared. Dagny Taggart suspects that some destroyer is behind it all. But who is the destroyer? And what is his purpose? That's a mystery. And she suspects that the iconic question, “Who is John Galt?” is not just an expression of despair and resignation, but has some real connection with all the disappearances. David Kelley, a consultant to the Atlas Shrugged movie, provides insights into this scene as well as the attempt of Starnesville to have each person work "according to his ability" and also pay each person "according to his need." Watch now >

The Trial of Hank Rearden

In this video, David Kelley, a consultant to the Atlas Shrugged movie, provides insights into one of the main scenes: the trial of Hank Rearden for violating a government regulation. But first, let's see what he did that triggered the prosecution.  
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The Root of Money

James Taggart is what would now be called a "crony capitalist." His wedding guests are the elite of a politicized economy. Taggart, Francisco, and Hank are all members of the "1%" --but the "money speech" (in the novel, and its distilled essence in the movie) is a clarion call to understand the nature of wealth and the distinction between those who produce it and those who acquire it through political favors.  Watch now >



Interview with actress Samantha Mathis (Dagny Taggart)

Samantha Mathis plays the heroine who runs a railroad in the face of mounting interference. In this interview, she talks about how she prepared for the role, including Dagny's relationships with her lover, Hank Rearden, and former lover Francisco D'Anconia.
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Interview with actor Jason Beghe (Hank Rearden)

Hank Rearden is an Atlas holding up the world through his productive genius, yet is beset by government bureaucrats trying to control him, and married to a woman who despises and finally betrays him. Jason Beghe talks about Hank's integrity as the core of the character. This interview was filmed in L.A. on the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 2.  Watch now >


Interview with Esai Morales (Francisco d'Anconia) 

Esai Morales describes how he negotiated the fine line his character walks—trying to recruit Hank and Dagny for his mysterious purpose without giving away too much  of the secret.
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Interview with Patrick Fabian (James Taggart)

How do you play a non-entity? While filming the Taggart wedding scene in Atlas Shrugged Part 2, Patrick Fabian shared his insights about the character of James Taggart. 
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Interview with Kim Rhodes (Lillian Rearden)

Kim Rhodes discusses the intersecting motives that drive Lillian and make her the villain we love to hate.
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