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Atlas Shrugged Movie News

Part 3 In Theaters This Weekend! Buy Parts 1 & 2 Today!

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? comes to theaters this weekend! The movie opens on September 12 in almost 300 theaters, nation-wide. Find the theater nearest to you on the movie's official website. There are other fun ways to get involved, too! Use The Atlas Society's merchandise link to access the movie's merchandise store. Follow The Atlas Society and Atlas Shrugged The Movie on Facebook. Demand the movie in your town. Share this article on your own social media. 

Any purchases you make using our affiliate link to the movie's merchandise store will contribute to The Atlas Society and our work, which provides the philosophical context for Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? Buy The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVDs! Here is the link for The Atlas Society's special edition of Part 1.

TAS's Part 2 Special Edition DVD features: 

  • Three beautifully produced video commentaries on scenes from the film by David Kelley, including commentary on Francisco D'Anconia's "money speech." 
  • David Kelley's interviews with leads in the film: Samantha Mathis (Dagny Taggart), Jason Beghe (Hank Rearden), Esai Morales (Francisco D'Anconia), Patrick Fabian (James Taggart), and Kim Rhodes (Lillian Rearden). 
  • Atlas Shrugged and the Struggle for Liberty," a panel discussion at the 2012 Atlas Summit, with John Stossel, Grover Norquist, Robert Poole, and Alexander McCobin. 
  • "The World of Atlas Shrugged" audio feature (also included in TAS's Part 1 Special Edition). 

Start collecting your Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy now! 




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Atlas Shrugged Part 3 in Theaters September 12

Have you ever wanted to see what Galt’s gulch looks like? Ever wondered how Galt’s speech could be adapted for film? You are less than two weeks away from the answers.

Atlas Shrugged Part 3: Who is John Galt? opens September 12, 2014, in selected theaters. To find a theater near you, check out the map at the movie's online forum, Galt’s Gulch Online. The site will also show you how to organize an “Atlas Shrugged Meet-up.” Share the experience with friends and other fans!

If the movie is not playing in your area, you can “Demand Atlas!” at the movie's official Web site, where you will also find other ways to get involved and help promote the Atlas Shrugged movie

 See the trailer below and get excited for Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?!  


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David Kelley interviewed on the Atlas Shrugged trilogy

Atlas Shrugged fans will genuinely enjoy this casual behind-the-scenes look at the film trilogy. Joe Thomas, radio talk show host on 107.5 WCHV-FM (Charlottesville, Virginia) interviews Atlas Society founder David Kelley. David served as a script consultant to the trilogy.

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Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Teaser Trailer

By Laurie Rice

May 23, 2014

The Atlas Shrugged movie has released its teaser trailer for Part 3: Who Is John Galt?!

See images created by sand artist Joe Castillo, illustrating a sunrise, John Galt, and the statue of liberty. The text reads a quote by Patrick Henry: "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death." 

Fans of the Atlas Shrugged book might recall that John Galt, Francisco D'Anconia, and Ragnar Dannesköld attended Patrick Henry University. 

See the movie this fall on September 12, 2014, or get a first look at the full-length pre-release of the film at The Atlas Summit, June 19-22 in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

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Participate in the final Atlas Shrugged movie edit!

Atlas Summit attendees will have an unprecedented and exclusive opportunity to view and offer feedback on Atlas Shrugged Part III as it is in the process of final production. It’ll be like sitting in the producer’s chair as you view a full-length preview of Atlas Shrugged Part III.

Participate in the final edit of Atlas Shrugged Part III.

The producers are interested in the reaction of fans as they prepare the film for public release September 12th. They know that Atlas Summit attendees can be expected to provide the insight of people who know and love the story of Atlas Shrugged and are eager to see the film succeed.

When: The Friday, June 20 Dinner Event, “A first look at Atlas Shrugged Part III will include the full-length preview, courtesy of the film producers. Not a trailer, not a few scenes, but the full movie in an early screening.
Join us at the Manchester Country Club for a delicious dinner, with a program that will include Associate Producer Scott DeSapio and consultant David Kelley. The speakers will share inside perspectives on the making and meaning of the film.
Viewers will be able to enjoy the full sweep and drama of the movie even though in some respects the film will be in draft (some scenes may not be completed, or they may lack the final music and color correction). This will be the earliest complete screening of Atlas Shrugged Part III.
Join us at the Atlas Summit to take part in this fabulous once-in-a-lifetime event and to make your own impact on the development of this epochal film. 

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 who is john galt atlas shrugged movie ayn rand

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Bitcoin and the Ayn Rand Imagination

The Atlas Shrugged movie is now accepting Bitcoin to join their web forum, called Galt’s Gulch Online. Limited content is available for free to all visitors of Galt’s Gulch Online, but premium content, such as the new Atlas Shrugged Part 3 teaser trailer, is available only to “producers” who pay a fee. And that fee can now be paid in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital money sweeping the world and offering some degree of freedom from government currencies. It imitates the scarcity of a material currency (e.g. gold) by means of an algorithm, which places a limit on the amount of bitcoin that can be “mined” from its source by those who maintain the transaction ledger. As Rob Wile puts it, "It's like a giant interactive spreadsheet everyone has access to and updates."

Miners, however, are not the majority of users -- most users gain Bitcoin by receiving it as payment from the protocol, or by purchasing it with dollars (at a Bitcoin ATM, for instance). Bitcoin is exchanged and stored in “wallets," which can be downloaded from sites such as Each wallet has a unique address, which users share with each other in order to send and receive bitcoin (or fractions of bitcoin, as one bitcoin is currently equivalent to about $500).
Bitcoin is completely legal and, for now, mostly unregulated. Other appealing features, for lovers of liberty and capitalism are 1. Bitcoin’s pseudonymity (every transaction is encrypted, unlike the elaborately traceable trails of credit, in which you trade the whole of your financial identity just to purchase a hamburger) and 2. Bitcoin’s distributed network (the government can never shut down bitcoin; its code can live on any and every computer.)  
Ayn Rand finished and published Atlas Shrugged in 1957 -- interestingly, just a year before the American military first began using the computer networking technology that would eventually develop into the internet we know today.

A Bitcoin wallet is a statement of hope for the principle of trade.
In Atlas Shrugged, Rand romanticized the industries of steel, copper, oil, railroads, and motors. Rand used these technologies to philosophically symbolize intelligence, creativity, and man’s redemption from nature and even death. Dagny’s first thought when she finds Galt’s motor is that it would “add ten years to every man’s life.” Galt’s motor represents not only technological progress but the self-starting mechanism of human will. In later years of her career, Ayn Rand wrote about the philosophical meaning of other technologies. She and colleague Nathaniel Branden wrote about “The Property Status of Airwaves” for the technologies of radio and television. She explored the horror, ethics and spectacle of the atomic bomb in an unfinished movie script called Top Secret (you can read her notes about it in The Journals of Ayn Rand). One of her most beautiful, elated essays was about her experience watching the launch of Apollo 11, which she described as “the concretized abstraction of man's greatness… That we had seen a demonstration of man at his best, no one could doubt--this was the cause of the event's attraction and of the stunned numbed state in which it left us. And no one could doubt that we had seen an achievement of man in his capacity as a rational being--an achievement of reason, of logic, of mathematics, of total dedication to the absolutism of reality.”
Unfortunately, Rand died in 1982, before the real boom of the digital and internet age. We will never know what fascinating insights and commentary she would have had about digital technologies such as Bitcoin. Whether smart property would have affected her opinions about government enforcement of contract and property laws. Whether theories such as Ethereum, which applies Bitcoin scripting language to law, would have inspired Rand to essays refining and elaborating her view of a proper government. 
We will never know whether a dot-com millionaire character might have burst with pride at his ability to host a digital city in the cloud -- in the same way Hank Rearden felt pride at the sight of his steel mills. Perhaps Rand would have written a code-genius character in reference to Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias of Bitcoin’s inventor, to appear alongside the other creator archetypes in Galt’s Gulch.  
We can’t know Rand’s mind about the events of our own age. But in the project of the Atlas Shrugged movies, and their attendant commentary, we can see what captures an Objectivist imagination. Jay Ankeney has praised the aesthetics of the CGI technology used to portray Rearden’s bridge. Nick Gillespie wrote a unique commentary for Time Magazine, called “Ayn Rand Would Have Loved Kickstarter.” It’s about how the Atlas Shrugged movie team’s Kickstarter Campaign embraced innovative social media strategies. We can picture a millenial Dagny crowdfunding the John Galt line as a supplement to direct investments.
The Atlas Shrugged movie team's acceptance of Bitcoin is significant. Bitcoin is a technology of the highest human aspirations, and Objectivism is a philosophy to defend and describe human aspiration.
In Atlas Shrugged’s “money speech,” Ayn Rand wrote, “Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value… Your wallet is your statement of hope that somewhere in the world around you there are men who will not default on that moral principle.” A Bitcoin wallet is also a statement of hope about all human beings in the world. It is more universal than the dollar, as it transcends governments and geography. At the end of Atlas Shrugged, John Galt traces the symbol of the dollar as a benediction over the earth, open again to the creator’s imagination. In 1957, the dollar was the limit of Ayn Rand’s imagination of money. It was, at the time, the most appropriate symbol of capitalism. Perhaps new technologies call for the imagination of new symbols.
Watch video commentaries on the Atlas Shrugged movies
Watch David Kelley's commentary on "The Root of Money"
Read The Credit Crisis and Moral Hazards by William R Thomas 
Read America's Deficit Culture by William R Thomas 
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Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? To Be Released Sept. 12

The Atlas Shrugged movie team has set a release date of September 12 for the final installment of the Atlas films. Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? features Laura Regan as Dagny Taggart, Rob Morrow as Hank Rearden, and Kris Polaha as the heroic John Galt. (See the full cast list.) In this final chapter we'll see scenes from 'Galt's Gulch', the fictional utopia of creative capitalists. We'll also hear Galt's speech, dramatizing Ayn Rand's message in Atlas Shrugged and calling for individualism and freedom.

Kris Polaha as John GaltThe Atlas Society has supported the movie team throughout the trilogy, offering insights and providing connections between the movie and the philosophy of Objectivism. Fans of Atlas Shrugged will recognize September as a significant time in the novel (the story begins on September 2), while the politically inclined will recognize September as anticipating midterm elections. Producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow have taken advantage of American politicial unrest and the timing of elections for the previous movies as well, with Part 1 released on April 15 in 2011, and Part 2 released before the 2012 presidential election.

Audiences looking foward to the movie can signal their interest by "demanding" the movie in their cities. Areas with the most interest will tell the movie team and distributors where best to use their resources. 

Demand Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? in your city today! 

Picture: Kris Polaha as John Galt, photographed by Judd Weiss. 

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The Character of John Galt

By The Atlas Society

Mar 15, 2014
Categories: Movies And TV
Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? has wrapped up filming and is now moving through post production. In this third installment of the Atlas Shrugged movie series, we will finally get a sustained look at the character of John Galt, in contrast to the mere glimpses we’ve had of him throughout the first and second parts. In Who Is John Galt? we will find him in conversations with “the men of the mind” in the gulch, pursuing his romance with Dagny Taggart, and fulfilling his mission to liberate the human spirit.  
Here are three movie items online right now to celebrate Part 3's revelation of John Galt -- Ayn Rand’s most abstract, mysterious, and powerful character.

Interview with Kris Polaha

JJ Snyder hits the set of Atlas Shrugged to interview Kris Polaha, who plays John Galt in the upcoming movie. Polaha talks about his acting techniques, reading The Fountainhead as a young man, and becoming sympathetic to the cause of liberty through his work on the movie.


The John Galt Theme

Elia Cmiral is back! The composer of The John Galt Theme from Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is returning for Who is John Galt? If the lilting, inspirational music from the first movie is any indication, we can look forward to a beautiful score.


Who Is John Galt?

Galt’s Gulch Online, the official online forum for fans of the Atlas Shrugged movies, is hosting a brainstorm for the most concise answer to the question: who is John Galt? The best answers will help the team with marketing for the movie. Throughout the story of Atlas Shrugged, Galt is described in terms such as “the destroyer,” “the man who stopped the motor of the world,” and “the Prometheus who changed his mind.” What phrase do you think best describes this philosophical icon? See the suggestions at Galt’s Gulch Online.

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Entrepreneur Michael Maloney praises Atlas Shrugged

On Friday in Los Angeles, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and precious metals expert Michael Maloney paid tribute to Atlas Shrugged when he gathered his staff to read aloud to them from the novel. He chose the famous "money speech," delivered by the character Francisco d'Anconia. The staff meeting was recorded, combined with other footage, and edited into a final video entitled "A Warning for Americans."

Michael MaloneyMaloney is the owner and founder of and, a monetary historian, and the author of the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. He has partnered with Robert Kiyosaki in the popular "Rich Dad Poor Dad" financial education programs, and appeared in the documentary End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless

Dan Rubock of provided this explanation:

Welcome to our weekly company meeting. Like most businesses, each week we have a scheduled time where staff from all departments meet and report on what they achieved during the past week, as well as what will be happening in the near future. For us, this happens every Friday afternoon. It's the only time during the week when the phones are predictably quieter, a handy result of being located on the West Coast and marching to the tune of an East Coast market close. . . .

At these weekly meetings our CEO, Mike Maloney, usually reads something to the team. It could be a current news item, or something that he has been working on for his new book. But most often, it will be a short snippet of wisdom from something Mike has found to be inspirational. . .

Recently, Mike mentioned to me that he was going to read a section from his favorite book of all time - Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Whoa. This was obviously not going to be a normal company meeting. Having just started to scrape the surface of explaining the dangers of socialism in Episode 5 of Hidden Secrets Of Money, it was obvious that this reading would make for an excellent video. It's also very timely when you consider the current events in Crimea, where Ayn Rand lived as a young girl. Yet another example of history echoing through the ages.

. . .I hope you enjoy being in our our company meeting . . . [W]e closed out the meeting as we do every week by reading our mission together, out loud: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money.

. . . As always, all we ask for in return is that you share this video far and wide. This is a message that needs to be heard.



Michael Maloney gold silverVideo: Entrepreneur Michael Maloney on why Atlas Shrugged is so important.
"This wealth redistribution and people thinking that they can live off of economic energy that you create, it's a very evil thing that just brings about poverty and starvation. So, if you want poverty and death, vote for more socialism. If you don't, vote for the government to get out of your life . . . "


The Root of Money

James Taggart is what would now be called a "crony capitalist." His wedding guests are the elite of a politicized economy. Taggart, Francisco, and Hank are all members of the "1%" --but the "money speech" (in the novel, and its distilled essence in the movie) is a clarion call to understand the nature of wealth and the distinction between those who produce it and those who acquire it through political favors.  Watch now >


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Congratulations! You launched a best-seller!

Thanks to you, our readers, taking action, Myths About Ayn Rand: Popular Errors and the Insights They Conceal,  rocketed up the charts to become a #1 Amazon best-seller in the free Kindle category of "Political Philosophy." It edged out The Communist Manifesto to grab that #1 spot.  The book also advanced rapidly in Amazon's internal search algorithm, turning up on page one of searches for "Ayn Rand"-ahead of For the New Intellectual, The Romantic Manifesto, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, The Ayn Rand Reader, and many others..

But after our 5-day free book promotion ended, we wondered how Myths would fare on the paid best-seller list, up against mainstream publishers with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. We had our marketing mojo working but we had only spent $100 in advertising: on a single facebook ad.

We asked you to continue to spread the word about the book and to download and review it if you hadn't already. Within a few hours it began climbing the paid best-seller lists with a vengeance, landing the #2 spot in national Kindle best-sellers for "Political Philosophy," where it continues to hold its position todayright next to #1, Atlas Shrugged. For the past two days it has edged out Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, Lying by Sam Harris, and Karl Marx's Das Kapital.

Great job! The outpouring of energy and action was inspiring. It's truly exciting to watch the power of your individual actions unfold right before our eyes.

We don't know how long this ranking will hold; it's not uncommon for books to last only one day on the best-seller list, which is updated hourly. During this critical period, reviews and star ratings, as well as downloads, are critical to sustaining the book's "visibility" and "discoverability." If you haven't done so already, consider downloading the book and reading and reviewing it. Sharing a link to the book or this post helps too. "Liking" this post also helps.

Again: Congratulations!

Help us debunk myths about Ayn Rand's ideas—for free!
The crowdsourcing campaign that started it all.

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