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Atlas Shrugged Part 2 DVD Now Available

By The Atlas Society

Feb 27, 2013
Categories: Atlas Shrugged

Are you ready for the next item in your Atlas collection? The Atlas Shrugged Part 2 DVD is now available for purchase at the movie's online store! We recommend The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD, but you can support The Atlas Society by making any purchase at the movie's store, if you click on the hyperlinked image below. Shoppers using this hyperlink direct 20% of their item's price to The Atlas Society, for the continued promotion of the ideas of Ayn Rand. 

Features on The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD include: 

  • Three beautifully produced video commentaries on scenes from the film by David Kelley, including Francisco D'Anconia's "money speech." 
  • David Kelley's interviews with leads in the film: Samantha Mathis (Dagny Taggart), Jason Beghe (Hank Rearden), Esai Morales (Francisco D'Anconia), Patrick Fabian (James Taggart), and Kim Rhodes (Lillian Rearden). 
  • "Atlas Shrugged and the Struggle for Liberty," a panel discussion at the 2012 Atlas Summit, with John Stossell, Grover Norquist, Robert Poole, and Alexander McCobin. 
  • Laurie Rice's interview with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) about Atlas Shrugged
  • "The World of Atlas Shrugged" audio feature (Also included in our Part 1 Special Edition). 

We hope you enjoy Atlas Shrugged Part 2 and the further discussions of its ideas on The Atlas Society's Special Edition DVD. You can also get Part 2 as a premium in thanks for your sponsor-level-or-higher support for The Atlas Society, beginning at $1,000 per year.