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Greg Reyes

Regulators, academics, journalists, and prosecutors sent a stellar businessman to prison. That's the story Roger Donway tells in Rich-Hunt and a continuing series of articles.

Available now: Rich-Hunt: The Backdated Options Frenzy and the Ordeal of Greg Reyes 
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Liberty, Antitrust, and the Dental Examiners Case

liberty antitrust scotus dental examinersThe North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners case, which was argued before the Supreme Court today, shows how antitrust law might protect individual rights: by restraining crony cartels that use the power of government to drive out their competitors.
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The Economist on plea bargaining and coerced testimony

economist on plea bargainingEnd plea bargaining: that’s the radical proposal for America’s justice system given this week by one of the most prestigious magazines in the English-speaking world. Read more >

Eric Holder's Legacy of Injustice

eric holder corrupt fast and furiousAlexander R. Cohen reviews Holder's  long and distinguished record as a subverter of justice. Read more >

Holder Limits One Form of Trial Penalty

The day before announcing his plans to resign, Attorney General Eric Holder actually took a step towards restoring the right to a trial. And it wasn't the first time he, or the Justice Department under his leadership, has done such a thing.  Read more >