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The Right's October Movie

by Roger Donway
Sep 01, 2010

I suppose that you can’t judge a film by its previews. But on that superficial basis, I must admit that the Left’s pre-election movie, “Inside Job,” which I wrote about a few days ago, seems far more powerful than Ray Griggs’s October movie, “I Want Your Money.”

To me, these two films appear to continue the same debate that we have had since the New Deal. The Left tells Americans that they are surrounded by an ever-expanding number of vicious predators: financiers, brokerage houses, mutual funds, accounting firms, insurance companies, energy companies, transportation companies, communication companies, food producers, toy producers, pharmaceutical producers, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, funeral parlors, and so on, and so on. And the reason for these malevolent predators is obvious: profit-seeking prompts evil action.

The Right responds: Government is getting too big.

Well, if someone convinced me that I was surrounded on all sides by people seeking to do me harm, I would not be terribly receptive to the argument that the police department was getting too big. The Left’s attack on the criminality of business needs to be refuted at its basis. Hence, the Business Rights Center.