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Congratulations! You launched another best-seller

Thanks to you our readers, our new book The Republican Party's Civil War: Will Freedom Win? has rocketed up over 376,000 notches in Amazon's rankings to land in the Top 10 best-seller list in the category of "Political Parties." Read more > 

Grover Norquist endorses new Atlas Society book

Republican maverick and national opinon leader Grover Norquist has endorsed The Republican Party's CIvil War: Will Freedom Win?
Read now >

Missing in Forbes report: objectivity toward Obama

Straining credulity: Forbes report claiming that the Obama Justice Department selectively blocks mergers by Republican CEOs.  Read now >


SyriaThe King Wins

Now all that’s left is the brutal, depressing hangover from this latest binge of collectivism and irrationalism.
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