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Obama's Power Move: Scapegoating Speculators

If passed by Congress, or implemented administratively, Obama's crusade to criminalize speculation will undercut the crucial economic role of speculators: to minimize the impact of projected future shortages.
Walter Donway / April 25, 2012


Tea Party Candidates and the "Crane Rule"

The political establishment that is threatened by the Tea Partiers wants to lump together both individuals and ideas as kooky and radical. But pro-freedom activists should not be taken in by such confusion.
By Ed Hudgins / September 28, 2010
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An Objectivist Guide to Evaluating Candidates (webinar)

The strength of candidates' declared adherence to principles of liberty is an important criteria but not the only one. Hear Hudgins’s criteria and his evaluation of the 2012 crop of presidential candidates, including Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.
By Ed Hudgins / February 27, 2012
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Obama and McCain: The Selfless-driven Interviews

When asked about who is rich, Obama fumbled around a bit before deciding on those who earn about $250,000 a year.
By Ed Hudgins / April 19, 2008
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Rick Santorum, the Most Anti-Reagan Republican

Santorum might mouth support for free markets and limited government. But as a committed anti-individualist he is probably the Republican who would most endanger liberty.
By Ed Hudgins / January 6, 2012
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