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A Culture Of Independence Vs. Servitude

Most political and election battles reflect conflicts between two cultures. In a culture of independence, citizens seek to run their own lives and to take responsibility for achieving their own goals and happiness. They demand the liberty to act in their own self-interest as they see fit, without interference from paternalist politicians. In a culture of servitude, subjects expect paternalist politicians to treat them like helpless children. They insist that their neighbors take responsibility for providing them with the material means of life. Thus they support all-powerful governments that can redistribute wealth. The following archived content highlights the difference between these two cultures.

America's Deficit Culture

The U.S. could become the Argentina of North America.
By Will Thomas / December 2010
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A Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society

Too many Americans seem willing to replace the life of proud American eagle, flying alone and free, with that of a hapless chicken penned in a coop, waiting to be fed.
By Gen LaGreca / March 2008
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The Servile Citizen

Self-ownership and self-government are also the prerequisites to a happy and flourishing life.
By Ed Hudgins
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The Need for a New Individualism

America's individualism is disappearing and with it our political freedom and the moral foundations of our society.
By Ed Hudgins / January 2005
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The State of the Union and the Culture of Responsibility

Freedom and responsibility are linked, but that’s not because responsibility is the price we pay for the privilege of freedom. Freedom is not a privilege; it is a right
By David Kelley / January 30, 2002
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America's Pioneer Spirit: Government vs. New Frontiers

America’s pioneering spirit is still alive but is being worn down by a risk-averse culture that promotes the abrogation of personal responsibility and that promotes public consensus over independent judgment.
By Ed Hudgins
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Obama's Era of Personal Responsibility

In Obama’s view, we are licensed to manage our lives as a franchise from society, complete with help from the central office, with rules we must follow, and with the obligation to help other franchisees when called upon. As cells in the social organism, our responsibility for ourselves rests on a more fundamental responsibility to society. By David Kelley
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