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Energy & Environment

To create the means of our survival and prosperity, we must unleash the energy in the physical world around us, whether from oil, coal, nuclear, solar or any other source. Entrepreneurs in the market should be free to exploit whatever sources they wish without government interference on the one hand or subsidies on the other, subject only to the restriction that they not cause harm to other people or their property. The ‘environment,’ that is, the material world in which we live, is of value because we can put it to our use. Individual owners should determine the uses of resources. The following archived content highlights key issues at stake.

The Individualist's Guide to Progressive Change

There will never be an energy technology that does not disrupt the landscape.
By Will Thomas / Fall 2009
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Automobility and Freedom

The car is just not another consumer item, and not just a very important consumer item; rather, that it is something incredibly special, something that ranks with only a handful of other technologies that can truly be said to have liberated mankind.
By Sam Kazman / September 2001
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Death by Environmentalism

Thanks to environmentalists, the once nearly vanquished disease of malaria has become the mother of all massacres
By Robert James Bidinotto / March 2004
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Green Cathedrals: Environmentalism's Mythological Appeal

Nature abhors a vacuum, and society abhors a spiritual vacuum. Environmentalism took root during a time of modern spiritual poverty, a time when both the religious, pre-Enlightenment worldview and the secular Enlightenment worldviews were in deep trouble.
By Robert James Bidinotto / September 2007
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Light Up the World for Humans

The concept of “sustainable” as used by most environmentalists is a ludicrous non-sequitur.
By Ed Hudgins / March 27, 2009
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Pelosi's Eco-Totalitarianism 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently met with Beijing officials to secure international agreement about tighter restrictions on economic activity in order to deal with perceived global warming.
By Ed Hudgins / March 29, 2009

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Energy and Environment: The Moral Battle of Our Day

The battle over resource use is a larger battle over what moral philosophy humans should live by and, by extension, what form of government we should live under.
By Ed Hudgins / August 8, 2008
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Whose Environment?

"Environment" is a political code-word, like “family values,” that signals allegiance to a set of causes.
By David Kelley / June 17, 2010
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Don't Tilt at These Windmills

Environmental regulators and lobbyists have been working for years to make life harder for the people who produce the electricity that makes modern life possible.
Alexander R. Cohen / August 30, 2011
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