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Enterprise And Jobs

It is the spirit of entrepreneurship and the freedom to create wealth, free from government interference, that allows individuals and, by extension, the country, to prosper. There is no inherent "right" to a job. Jobs are contracts between individuals to trade money and benefits for services. Governments do not ”create” jobs and should not pretend to. The best employment opportunities are available in the freest and, thus, the most productive economies. The following archived content illustrates key issues at stake in enterprise and jobs.

America's Pioneer Spirit: Government vs. New Frontiers

America’s pioneering spirit is still alive but is being worn down by a risk-averse culture that promotes the abrogation of personal responsibility and that promotes public consensus over independent judgment.
By Ed Hudgins / Spring 2010
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Steve Jobs vs. the Anti-Capitalists

It is quite reasonable to oppose the federal government’s handing out billions in taxpayer dollars to bail out failed investment banks. But that’s not what the protestors in New York and elsewhere are complaining about.
By Ed Hudgins / October 5, 2011
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France Labors at Folly

The economic mess in France is the manifestation of a moral mess at the basis of all welfare states, and is a preview of what's in store for America if we continue along the path of our Gallic cousins.
By Ed Hudgins / March 29, 2006
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Objectivists are individualists: We do not favor ethnic discrimination or discrimination on the basis of national origin; we favor discrimination on the basis of the rationality and competence of individuals, be they residents of our own country or residents of a foreign land. Indeed, that is the principle of justice.
Q & A by Will Thomas
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