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Foreign Affairs

The American government should protect the rights of American citizens to trade and do business freely throughout the world, not restrict commerce to protect politically-connected American firms at the expense of consumers or other enterprises. It should defend America against attacks, proclaim the values of individual liberty and act as the "shining city on a hill.” But it should not act as the world’s policeman or sacrifice its blood and treasure when American security is not threatened. The following archived content addresses some of these key issues at play in foreign affairs.

Make Trade, Not War

The most promising and proven path to peace has been economic freedom. On the domestic front this fact is easily understood. In the United States, interactions between individuals must be based on mutual consent; the initiation of force is banned except in cases of self-defense.
By Ed Hudgins
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Obama's Position on Iran

Iranian protestors long for a more open society in which they can live their own lives as they choose.
By Ed Hudgins / June 25, 2009
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War: An Objectivist View

Warfighting has an insidious effect on domestic politics—the calls for solidarity boil over into greater social controls. It is morally and psychologically damaging to those who take part, since the proper conduct for success on the battlefield, and the experience of being on the battlefield, are often at odds with the mental requirements of the normal context of peacetime. Therefore wars should be few, and their aim should be to make war less necessary in the future.
By Will Thomas / Winter 2010
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Is India Important to America's Freedom?

Today, thanks to easy communication and travel, Indian-Americans are able to keep in closer touch with family, friends, and business associates back in India, facilitating more cross-cultural contact and serving as a potential bridge for the best pro-freedom ideas from America.
By Ed Hudgins / November 24, 2009
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Select Articles on 9/11 and Terrorism

A selection of some of our best articles on the subject.
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Israel vs. Palestinian Moral Smuggling

Israel does allow humanitarian aid into Gaza but reserves the right to check cargos for weapons and other contraband.
By Ed Hudgins / June 3, 2010
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