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Free World Order: Objectivist Foreign Policy

Free World Order: Objectivist Foreign Policy 1 from The Atlas Society on Vimeo.

William R Thomas presents the basic structure and goals of foreign policy on Objectivist premises in this webinar, recorded on November 9, 2011.

With the Iraq war winding down and NATO victorious in Libya, how should we be looking at foreign policy in the 21st century?

Is there a free world as opposed to an unfree world?

Does it matter that even the most free countries have mixed political/economic systems that restrict freedom?
Should a free country even have a government diplomatic corps?

How can free countries best deal with each other and how can they best deal with tyrannical or oppressive foreign governments?

The 52-minute video consists of a 34-minute audio presentation with slides, followed by 18 minutes of question-and-answer exchanges with the audience.

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