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Government Size And Scope

Government has metastasized monstrously beyond its only legitimate function of protecting the lives, liberties, and property of citizens. High taxes impoverish us, regulations strangle enterprise, and government debt and deficits are leading the country to national bankruptcy. To return it to its proper role, the size and scope of government should be radically reduced. The following archived content deals with key issues of government size and scope.

Dr. Hudgins's 12-Step Cure for Big Government Conservatism

GOP,  you clearly can’t clean up your own act on your own. You need an intervention. Don’t blame the media, ‘macaca’ moments, or the war for your behavior. Blame yourselves.
By Ed Hudgins / March 2007
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The Conceptual Preconditions of Freedom

In effect, we have regressed to an earlier stage of political development...Many concepts and conceptual frameworks will need to change if the cause of a free society is to succeed.
By David Kelley
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Government, Yes! Leviathan, No!

Occasionally, speaking sloppily, libertarians have railed against "big" government rather than against what Ludwig von Mises called "omnipotent" government. And, admittedly, it is tempting.
By Roger Donway / October 5, 2001
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What is the Objectivist View of Law and Government (Politics) ?

The power of government is the power of the gun. Objectivism therefore advocates a strictly limited form of government: a republican system that has only those powers and takes only those actions required to secure our rights to freedom from force.
By Will Thomas
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Tax Day 2007: Confronting the Candidates and Politicians

Ask candidates and politicians, "Where in the Constitution are you given the authority for most of your spending?"
By Ed Hudgins / April 6, 2007
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