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Health Care And Social Security

Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security involve the unjust transfer of money from working people to others, chiefly the elderly. They are socialist programs, siphoning wealth from the private health insurance and retirement markets. They should be privatized so that individuals have the freedom and responsibility to adopt insurance and retirement plans of their choice.

Individuals should have a right to use their resources to purchase health care services in a free market. Physicians and health-care workers should have the right to offer their services on whatever terms they choose. No one has a right to force others to provide for his health care. Government entitlement programs and regulation of the health care sector limit liberty and have caused the current health care crisis. Government should get out of the health care business. The following archived content addresses key issues at play within the arenas of health care and social security.

Is Health Care a Right?

When government attempts to implement a right to health care, the result will be the abrogation of liberty rights. Here's why.
By David Kelley / July 1993
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It's Not About Contraceptives

Don’t worry about the Catholic Church imposing its doctrine about birth control on you. It can’t. Worry about the federal government imposing its control over every aspect of your medical care—and your very life. It might succeed.
Jane Orient, MD / March 12, 2011
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ObamaCare: Rx for Crisis

ObamaCare prevents any physician-owned specialty hospitals built after 2010 from treating Medicare patients. Additionally, those PSHs already in existence will no longer be able to expand unless they jump through nearly insurmountable regulatory hoops.
By David Hogberg / Spring 2012
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The Problem with ObamaCare

While government efforts to improve quality of care might not tell patients which treatments to get, they will surely tell physicians which treatments they may provide.  And early government efforts at improving quality and reducing costs have shown potential to harm patients.
By David Hogberg / Spring 2009
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The Inherent Individualism of Insurance

Because social insurance rests on the politics of demagogy, it renders future freedoms and obligations unknowable, and so vitiates our ability to plan. Because social insurance operates through taxes, it robs us of our money—the principal tool we need to give substance to our plans.
By Stephen A. Moses / November 2002
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Banning Over-the-Counter Asthma Inhalers

How many squirts from asthma inhalers would it actually take to punch a hole in the atmosphere?
By Ed Hudgins / September 30, 2011
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The History, Economics, and Philosophy of Social Security

Because of its size, and because of the way the program is structured, Social Security is the most significant embodiment of the idea that "we are all in this together." And it is facing a crisis that will come to a head over the next two decades, a crisis rooted in its history and in its nature as a system of collective provision for retirement.
By David Kelley / March 2005
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Social Safety Nets: Is it Wrong to Join them?

It is perfectly compatible with Objectivism to favor social safety nets. Social safety nets should be created through private savings and insurance, something no one can be forced into and that no one can be forced to support without their prior consent.
Q&A by Will Thomas

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