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America was founded by immigrants, individuals who sought the best in life for themselves and who had the initiative to seek prosperity and liberty in this land. America should keep its borders open to all who want to come here to work. The following archived content highlights key issues at play in the ongoing immigration debate in the United States.

Four Fact for Conservatives About Immigration Policy

Republicans and conservatives should get beyond denouncing “amnesty” and seek ways to welcome those who want to come here and stay in this country that was, after all, founded by immigrants.
By Ed Hudgins / June 20, 2012
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Immigration, Globalization, and the Policy that Informs Them

Individuals have rights to their own lives, liberty, and property, and governments should limit themselves to protecting these rights.
By Ed Hudgins / Summer 2006
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Immigration and Arizona Justice: Law and Liberty

America should adopt an open immigration policy. The freedom of people to move, trade, and associate is a straightforward elaboration of the freedom to live.
By Joe Duarte / September 23, 2010
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Immigration, Liberty, and the American Character

Immigration has become the most politically and emotionally charged domestic issue in the United States—which is ironic, given that this country was founded upon and built by immigrants. The principal blame for this crisis rests not on the backs of illegals, however, but on the shoulders of federal government, for its decades of negligence, incompetence, and worse.
By Ed Hudgins / Summer 2006
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