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Obama's Power Move: Scapegoating Speculators

If passed by Congress, or implemented administratively, Obama's crusade to criminalize speculation will undercut the crucial economic role of speculators: to minimize the impact of projected future shortages.
By Walter Donway / April 25, 2012
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ObamaCare: Rx for Crisis

ObamaCare prevents any physician-owned specialty hospitals built after 2010 from treating Medicare patients. Additionally, those PSHs already in existence will no longer be able to expand unless they jump through nearly insurmountable regulatory hoops.
By David Hogberg / March 7, 2012
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The Problem with ObamaCare

While government efforts to improve quality of care might not tell patients which treatments to get, they will surely tell physicians which treatments they may provide.  And early government efforts at improving quality and reducing costs have shown potential to harm patients.
By David Hogberg
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It's Not About Contraceptives

Don’t worry about the Catholic Church imposing its doctrine about birth control on you. It can’t. Worry about the federal government imposing its control over every aspect of your medical care—and your very life. It might succeed.
By Jane Orient , MD / March 12, 2012
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Obama's Grab-bag Socialism

Step One: Hook ‘em with money. It started in 2008 with President George W. Bush’s $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) to bail out banks holding bad home mortgage loans.
By Ed Hudgins / April 4, 2009
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Obama's Era of Personal Responsibility

In Obama’s view, we are licensed to manage our lives as a franchise from society, complete with help from the central office, with rules we must follow, and with the obligation to help other franchisees when called upon. As cells in the social organism, our responsibility for ourselves rests on a more fundamental responsibility to society. 
By David Kelley / Summer 2009

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Obama's Mixed Inuagural Rhetoric

The real question is not of “big” or “small” but, rather, of the right role of government.
By Ed Hudgins / July 23, 2009
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Obama's War-is-Peace Prize

The Nobel committee has been widely and rightly ridiculed for that choice since the American president has yet to do anything to make the world a more peaceful place.
By Ed Hudgins / October 19, 2009
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Will America Unite in One Obama?

George W. Bush ran for president as “a uniter, not a divider.” He only managed to unite Republicans and Democrats in disappointment—though for different reasons—with his administration.  Barack Obama sounded the same theme: “We’re all in this together!” Will he succeed where Dubya failed
By Ed Hudgins / October 19, 2009
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Obama and McCain: The Selfless-driven Interviews

When asked about who is rich, Obama fumbled around a bit before deciding on those who earn about $250,000 a year.
By Ed Hudgins / August 19, 2008
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