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Producers Vs. Expropriators

This election is the latest battle in America’s civil war between producers, who earn their own way and prosper through their own efforts, and expropriators, who depend on government to provide benefits taken from others. Producers have been cowed by those who resent their success, and by the claim that they are their brothers' keepers. America is on the road to collapse like many European countries today. To save themselves and the country, producers should take pride in their achievements, should refuse to sanction their own victimization, and should demand the political right to pursue their rational self-interest as they see fit. The following archived content illustrates this theme of producers vs. expropriators. 

Producers vs. Expropriators: America's Coming Civil War

Ed Hudgins explains the increasing conflict between those who earn their own way, and expropriators, those who survive by taking from others with governments as their agents.
By Ed Hudgins / April 13, 2010
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Protest of the Producers

Tea Party protesters are concerned that government is taking their fates and their futures out of their hands.
By Ed Hudgins / September 20, 2009
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America's "Civil War" Debt Battle

Like the war that tore this nation in two a century and a half ago, the current struggle is over whether the nation, in Lincoln’s words, can survive half-slave and half-free.
By Ed Hudgins / August 3, 2011
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Ayn Rand's Persecuted Minority 

Atlas Shrugged is an extended cry against the oppression of creators, most particularly businessmen: the Atlases who bear this world on their shoulders. Uniquely, Rand’s work portrays the exploited entrepreneurs of the mixed economy as the true successors of Socrates, Galileo, and the countless other truth-seekers who, over the centuries, have been silenced, punished, crushed, and killed—not for their vices but for their virtues.
By Roger Donway
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Doctors Shrug

Faced with the high costs of malpractice insurance and bogus lawsuits, plus onerous government regulations and mountains of bureaucratic paperwork, many physicians are simply quitting their profession or giving up parts of their practices.
By Ed Hudgins / March 2003
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Producers vs. Looters and Parasites (audio program)

Explore the conflicting worlds created by producers and looters in Atlas Shrugged.
By David Kelley
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