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Social Issues

 Individuals have the right to conduct their personal lives as they choose, in accordance with their own convictions, values, and preferences. Government has no right to regulate (or subsidize) religious belief and observance, speech, consumption of food and drugs, and sexual activities, as long as individuals do not violate the rights of others.

Why Liberals Should Like Ayn Rand

Will Thomas blogs on the many reasons why liberals should like Ayn Rand.
By Will Thomas / August 20, 2012
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The right to an abortion follows as an aspect of a woman's right to her own life, as a rational, independent living being.
Q&A by Will Thomas
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It's Not About Contraceptives

Don’t worry about the Catholic Church imposing its doctrine about birth control on you. It can’t. Worry about the federal government imposing its control over every aspect of your medical care—and your very life. It might succeed. 
By Jane Orient, MD / March 12, 2012
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Gay Day for Gays

Obama has told his fellow Democrats that who one marries should be a matter for individuals, not government. Too bad there’s no Barry Goldwater today to say the same to Republicans.
By Ed Hudgins / May 10, 2012
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Questions for Conservatives About Gay Marriage and Sock Drawers

In coming decades more young, tolerant heterosexuals will join the conservative ranks, and opposition to gay marriage will fade away. It is time for you, my American conservative friends, to get over this obsession with sexual preference that drives away potential allies.
By Ed Hudgins / July 1, 2011
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