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Atlas Fall Campaign

Atlas Shrugged

To take advantage of the resurgent  and massive interest in Atlas Shrugged, we have positioned ourselves as the resource for understanding the philosophy of open Objectivism founded by Ayn Rand and embodied in her great novel.

On our website, we have created and launched an Atlas Shrugged content center to facilitate exploration of the themes and ideas in Atlas Shrugged. This content center, which has rocketed upward in popularity over 2012,  also presents helpful information on the characters in the novel, their motivations and premises, a plot synopsis, as well as an analysis of the famous John Galt speech. Deeper philosophical content is also available in the content center, exploring the moral and societal implications of many of the ideas in the novel. Audio and video content is also available, with video commentaries on Atlas Shrugged attracting high traffic numbers. Our Atlas Shrugged-based media and PR campaigns continue with measurable results obtained.

Part 2 of the Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy, produced by Atlas Society trustee John Aglialoro, launched in theaters last month (October 2012). Prior to the launch of both films and since then,The Atlas Society has worked with the producers to promote the movies and the ideas of this prophetic novel. 

Contribute now to help us at this crucial time to make the ideas of this novel a powerful force in our politics, economy, and culture.

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Atlas Fall Campaign

By The Atlas Society
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The Atlas Society depends on contributions from individuals who share its goals for a culture of reason, individualism, achievement, and freedom.

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Planned giving is a great way to ensure through your estate planning that the struggle for Objectivist values continues into the future. Your contact at TAS for planned giving is Ed Hudgins.
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One way to avoid capital gains taxes—and to support The Atlas Society!—is to make a tax-deductible charitable gift of appreciated stock. We welcome this form of contribution to the Society. In order to credit you for gifts of stock, please notify us through our broker whenever you make a contribution of stock.  Contact us or your own broker to ask about specific procedures. The Atlas Society is represented by:
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