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Note: In 2011 The New Individualist ceased publication.

Stephen Harper: Canada's Once-Radical Prime Minister

Stephen Harper, Canada's prime minister, was once a radical advocate for economic liberty. What happened?  Read More >

Radicalism vs. Normality

Did Jane Austen approve of slavery? And what does that have to do with your own worldiew? Read More >

The Two Faces of Capitalism

When political capitalists win, consumers, business rivals, and/or taxpayers lose. Read More >

Lynda Weinman: Queen of the Triple Win

How one woman went from teaching herself how to use a computer to teaching computer technology to millions worldwide. Read More >  

Lauren Zander is Living an Extraordinary Life

Dissatisfied with your life? Lauren Zander says: "Maybe it's you."  Read More >

24/7: A day in the life of an entrepreneur-chef

Follow along as we spend a day with Yoanne Magris, private chef and owner of a Harlem bistro.  Read More >

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Smokin' Soul

by Sarah Perry
Sony Records told her she was too black, too fat, too short, and too old. But now she's singing to sold-out crowds worldwide.
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How to Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day

by David Burge
What deficit problem? Enough with the whiny whiners.
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The Radical but Conservative Declaration of Independence

by Alexander Cohen
Can a movement be both radical and conservative? We can find a precedent in this historic document.
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