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The Atlas Advocates

The Atlas Society promotes Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, individualism, productivity, achievement, benevolent self-interest and freedom through animated videos, graphic novels, pocket guides and creative digital media, and events.

Designed as a guide to life, Ayn Rand’s ideas celebrate the remarkable potential and power of the individual. Her philosophy, Objectivism, provides insights into politics, art, education, foreign policy, science and more...rewarding you, the individual, with a rich understanding of how ideas can shape your world.

Red Pawn Reading Group from February 2021

To foster Ayn Rand’s philosophy and ideals, the Atlas Advocates program provides an array of opportunities for students and individuals in their 20's to get involved:

Book Club

The first component of our student program is participating in our book club. Every month young people from across the world -- young professionals and college students (most of which are involved in other liberty organizations) -- get together on a week night to discuss a book, usually nonfiction. Reading list this year:

NOTE: After submitting your contact information, you will be sent a link via email to register for the Zoom events.

Networking Opportunities

Social Club/ Trivia Nights: Social and Trivia nights provide a more relaxed and open atmosphere for students and young professionals seeking a space to discuss ideas and make friends with like-minded individuals. First, we begin with introductions, next we discuss a current event and relate it to Ayn Rand and Objectivism, then, we either play trivia or take a deeper dive into the philosophical side of the topics for discussion.
Career & Networking: The Career & Networking component of Atlas Advocates launches in April 2021. Students and Young Professionals will come together via Zoom every other month to acquire resume tips, job application knowledge, career advice, and an opportunity to network. The speakers at Career Night will vary from month to month, however, our target speakers will be individuals who work in the Liberty Movement.

Advocate for The Atlas Society!

The reading advocacy component is for those who are looking for an even more active role in the organization. The mission of The Atlas Society is to introduce Ayn Rand’s philosophy to as many young minds as possible. YOU have the opportunity to support this mission by placing ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel and RED PAWN: The Graphic Novel into schools, local libraries, food banks and Free Little Libraries. Tell us the number of copies of each that you would like and we will mail them to you. Then, once received, snap a selfie like Kayla did in the photo below and we will feature you on our website and or social media!

Social Media: The Atlas Society as an organization is extremely active on social media. However, private groups exclusive to Atlas Advocates and the Student Program have now been launched to foster a space for our Advocates to communicate and mingle in-between meetings and events. Atlas Advocates can be found on: Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Join these groups for the latest news and to browse and share our engaging content.

We would love for YOU to work with us in terms of content creation! If you would like to take questions from fellow students on Instagram Live or share ideas for memes, email Emily for a chance to be featured!

If you’re in your 20’s and interested in connecting with other young people across the world with similar beliefs -- then you’re in the right place.

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Questions? Email us at atlasadvocates@atlassociety.org

We promote open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, achievement, individualism, and freedom.