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Obama's NSA Speech: Levison Warned Us

Obama's NSA Speech: Levison Warned Us

2 Mins
January 18, 2014

Edward Snowden will respond to President Obama’s statements on the NSA next week, Julian Assange says , but the Business Rights Center is releasing an 84-minute interview with his email provider, Ladar Levison —who closed Lavabit rather than turn over all his customers’ information to the government—tonight.

In the interview, Levison calls the public's attention to Obama’s use of the rhetoric of constitutional law to attempt to defang criticism of government spying. It's a practice we saw the president engage in again today.

About half an hour into the interview, Levison relates his story to Atlas Shrugged, from which he says he drew some inspiration. The third movie in the Atlas Shrugged trilogy begins filming Monday, and you can watch live online .

But meanwhile, you can watch the interview.