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Meet John Galt

JJ Snyder interview Kris Polaha, who plays John Galt. Polaha talks about his acting techniques, reading The Fountainhead as a young man, and becoming sympathetic to the cause of liberty through his work on the movie. 
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Interview with James Manera (Atlas Shrugged Part 3)

David Kelley and Laurie Rice interview director James Manera, in L.A. on the set of Atlas Shrugged Part III.  Read now >

Introducing: the cast of Atlas Shrugged Part 3

Atlas Shrugged movie part 3 III Laura Regan Dagny Taggart Who is John Galt? And Dagny? And Francisco?  And Hank? Here's the line-up.   Read now >


Atlas Shrugged movie Ayn Rand Explore the ideas in Atlas Shrugged

> Explore the themes in the novel
> Learn how to refute myths about Ayn Rand's ideas
> Discover the relevance of those ideas to today's political-cultural climate
Share your Atlas story.

Atlas Shrugged movie capital campaign

Become instrumental in bringing Part 3 to screens across the country.
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Atlas Shrugged Part 3 to be released Sept. 12

Demand the movie in your city!
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Video interviews with the stars 

David Kelley interviews the stars of Atlas Shrugged Part 2, shares clips from the movie, and provides insight into some of the key scenes. 
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