John Galt 2021 w/FEE en español

John Galt 2021 w/FEE en español

August 13, 2021
Aug 13
3 PM PT / 5 PM ET
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Who is Ayn Rand, and how does her emphasis on individual responsibility and entrepreneurship apply to people in Latin America? Join FEE en español, in partnership with la Sociedad Atlas, for an intensive online course on Objectivism, Friday, August 13th @ 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. Through this course, you will learn how the timeless lessons Rand imparts through her novels can help you take charge of your life and be the hero of your own story. Check out the event agenda below and be sure to register HERE

Brief introduction to Objectivism -- Antonella Marty

Ayn Rand and the fight against collectivism -- José Benegas

The fictional works of Ayn Rand -- Jennifer Grossman

Why it is necessary to read Ayn Rand in Latin America -- Vanessa Porras

The role of entrepreneurs in free and open economies -- Antonella Marty