Morals & Markets

The Right And Wrong of Reparations

December 30, 2021
Civil law and tort courts properly require monetary restitution to those who are harmed, given objective evidence of causality, responsibility, and materiality. Class action lawsuits also can be legitimate. But “reparations,” as now conceived, unjustly collectivize wrongs, designate innocents as perpetrators, and classify the undeserving as victims. The problem with reparations isn’t so much logistical as it is ethical.

Where Have All The Capitalists Gone? - Dr. Richard Salsman

December 13, 2021
In this very first episode of The Morals & Markets Podcast through The Atlas Society's student programs, Atlas Society Senior Scholar and Professor of Political Economy out of Duke, Dr. Richard M. Salsman presents on his latest book "Where Have All The Capitalists Gone? Essays In Moral Political Economy".

Trumpism As America's Future: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

December 13, 2021
In episode #2 of The Morals & Markets Podcast Dr. Salsman talks about President Trump's lasting effect on American politics. Void of the "never-trumper" hatred or Pro-Trump mania that delegitimizes most Trump-centered discussions today, Dr. Salsman takes a measured approach and presents rational arguments for those of us looking to analyze where Trump went right and where he went wrong. Followed by a vigorous debate and Q&A, you won't want to miss this episode!
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