The Atlas Society Heads to FreedomFest

The Atlas Society Heads to FreedomFest

July 21, 2021
Jul 21
Jul 25
Rapid City, SD
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Heading to FreedomFest? The Atlas Society will see you there. That’s right -- The Atlas Society is headed to Rapid City, South Dakota from Wednesday, July 21st through Saturday, July 24th for the biggest freedom-loving conference of the summer! With an amazing lineup of guest speakers and breakout sessions, you won’t want to miss any of these important topics on the economy, finances, politics, liberty, rights, society, and so much more.

Aside from our live screening of ANTHEM: The Animated Movie, nominated for Best Narrative Feature by the Anthem Film Festival, The Atlas Society is excited to announce that our own Jennifer Grossman, Antonella Marty, and Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks, Ph. D. will be attending various events throughout FreedomFest as panelists or moderators on topics near and dear to Objectivism.

  1. Wednesday, 7/21: 2pm-2:50pm -- Stephen Hicks: Democratic Socialism for Beginners 
  2. Thursday 7/22: 1:10pm -- Jennifer Grossman (moderator): Cautionary Tales from First Hand Accounts of Communist Dissidents
  3. Thursday 7/22 2:05pm -- Jennifer Grossman: Misspent Youth: Understanding the Younger Generation’s Love for Socialism
  4. Thursday 7/22: 3:10pm -- Stephen Hicks: Human Civilization Unavoidable or a Rising Future Phoenix? 
  5. Friday 7/23 2:10pm -- Jennifer Grossman: The Think Tank Summit: Successes and Challenges 
  6. Friday 7/23 2:10pm -- Antonella Marty: Creating and Delivering High Impact Messages to the US-Latin American Communities
  7. Friday 7/23 3:10pm -- Antonella Marty: Liberando! An Economic and Political Overview of Latin America
  8. Friday 7/22 9pm Anthem Film Festival : ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel Animated Series
  9. Friday 7/23 10:30pm -- Jennifer Grossman: Remembering Ayn Rand

And don’t forget to stop by booth 606 to check out our publications and pick up an I ❤ Ayn Rand tote bag to hold all of your FreedomFest goodies!