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David Mayer Defends Liberty of Contract

David Mayer Defends Liberty of Contract

2 mins
January 27, 2011

David N.

Mayer, a professor of law at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, has just had a book published by the Cato Institute: Liberty of Contract: Rediscovering a Lost Constitutional Right . Obviously, the freedom of contract, if it were to be upheld systematically, would preclude many of today’s so-called white-collar crimes.

Professor Mayer is especially well qualified to write about the history of law, having both a J.D. (from the University of Michigan) and a Ph.D. in history (from the University of Virginia). And, as it happens, he is a close associate of The Atlas Society , having spoken at many of its events and written often for its publications.

I have ordered his book and expect to report soon on its contents.

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