How I Worked as an Objectivist in Left-Liberal Institutions

How I Worked as an Objectivist in Left-Liberal Institutions

2 Mins
August 29, 2013

Atlas Summit 2013 -- Most organizations working with ideas are at the "liberal-left" side of the spectrum. Walter Donway spent his career working for such institutions (publications, universities, and foundations) or with them (as grantees, publications for which he freelanced). Yet, he devoted almost every day, to some extent, to advancing Objectivist ideas. What skills, initiation of applied ideas, relationships with colleagues, and compromises does this require?

Donway discusses many examples—and a few crucial principles.

Walter Donway is a poet (Touched By Its Rays) and fiction writer (The Price of Hannah Blake, The Lailly Worm, O Human Child, and Holidays Frightened My Father) who created the imprint Romantic Revolution Books. He has published articles relevant to Objectivist ideas in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Private Practice, Human Events, and Cosmopolitan, and online publications such as www.FinancialSenseOnline.com and www.theatlasphere.com .

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