Personal growth

2 Mins
April 30, 2015

A Short Course in Rule-Breaking
Large regions of social life that ought to be governed—and to a large extent used to be governed—by principles of courtesy, justice, and mutual respect have now been bureaucratized by rules. David Kelley explains that we do need objective standards and objectivity requires principles, not rules.

Developing Self Awareness
In this video Dr. Raymond Raad argues that three mental tools are necessary in the process of seeking self-understanding: a commitment to reason, a willingness to examine and fully experience one’s emotions, and in many cases, a suspension of moral judgment. (Dr. Raymond Raad is a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City and a research fellow at Columbia University.)

I Can and I Will
Philosopher and best-selling author David Kelley offers insight on the context of achievement and the challenge of inner obstacles.

A Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society
Author Gen LaGreca contends that "too many Americans seem willing to replace the life of proud American eagle, flying alone and free, with that of a hapless chicken penned in a coop, waiting to be fed. The welfare state has all but squashed the essential skill of our survival: the skill of taking responsibility for our own lives." In this amusing guide, she reaffirms the importance of self-responsibility.

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