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Reason vs. Anti-Reason

Reason vs. Anti-Reason

2 Mins
April 13, 2011

This program addresses the themes of reason and logic as against irrationalism in its various forms, including faith, whim, and emotionalism, as they are developed in Atlas Shrugged. Why do reason and logic matter? Is a rational person without emotion or passion? Apparent contradictions drive the mystery plot of the novel. Unraveling them is the key to solving the mystery and understanding the radically objective world-view of Ayn Rand and the strikers.

The program covers:

  1. The principle: Reason is the source of productive achievement (Contradiction and non-contradiction.)
  2. Plot implementation: The mystery format of apparent contradictions
  3. Characterization: John Galt versus James Taggart, Hugh Akston vs. the irrational intellectuals
  4. Clearest statement of the theme: Galt's speech
  5. Buried riches; rational emotions

NOTE: This program is a part of the "'Atlas Shrugged' as a Philosophical Novel" lecture series presented at The Atlas Society's 2006 Summer Seminar. Other lectures from the series can be found linked below:

William Thomas
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William Thomas
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