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The Major Virtues: Integrity

The Major Virtues: Integrity

2 Mins
April 11, 2013

Summer 2010 -- “’Value’ is that which one acts to gain and keep,” wrote Ayn Rand, “’virtue’ is the action by which one gains and keeps it.” This six-session course focuses on the distinctive virtues highlighted by Objectivism: their basis in fact, their contrast with traditional moral ideals, and their role in a rational, value-seeking human life. The series goes into depth on the meaning and importance of  pride, rationality,  integrity, productiveness, independence, and justice, devoting one lecture to each virtue. Discussions of honesty and benevolence are integrated into the course as well. The course presumes some basic familiarity with Objectivism, but should be intelligible to anyone with a sincere interest in ideas.


A. The need for integrity

B. Essential integrity: a commitment to acting on knowledge and values

C. The virtue of being virtuous

  • The essential role of principles
  •         Virtue, character and the subconscious

D. Conclusion: living as a unified being: morally and practically, mentally and physically.

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