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The Sanction of the Victim

The Sanction of the Victim

David Kelley Ph.D

2 Mins
August 6, 2014

Atlas Summit 2014 -- The central plot device in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is the strike of the producers led by John Galt. And the essential purpose of the strike is to withdraw the sanction of the victim. What exactly does that sanction involve? What is the purpose of withdrawing it? David Kelley discusses the meaning of this core idea in the novel. He contrasts Galt’s strike with labor strikes, and with other forms of organized protest such as Gandhi’s passive resistance, as well as explaining the philosophical basis of the idea.

This presentation is intended to provide insight into the forthcoming Atlas Shrugged Part III, the final installment of the film adaptation.

David Kelley


David Kelley

David Kelley is the founder of The Atlas Society. A professional philosopher, teacher, and best-selling author, he has been a leading proponent of Objectivism for more than 25 years.

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