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What The Atlas Society stands for

What The Atlas Society stands for

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July 2, 2010

The Atlas Society promotes open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, individualism, achievement, and freedom originated by Ayn Rand.


Our liberty is at risk. The crony capitalism depicted in Atlas Shrugged has become real. Government has corrupted every area of economic life, with the resulting problems blamed on genuine capitalism. The voices of envy, egalitarianism, and class warfare grow louder and achievement is punished. Producers are demonized in a culture that rewards dependency, stifles initiative, and most injures the ambitious poor.  We need a comprehensive, compelling, and moral foundation for freedom. The Atlas Society demonstrates why collectivism is immoral, and why our loss of liberty is not primarily about diminished material prosperity, but about the spiritual and moral loss of what it means to truly own one’s life.

People want answers. The gravity of the threat has inspired a renewed interest in Ayn Rand as people search for intellectual ammunition to defend liberty. What they need are the principles that Objectivism proudly affirms: that the individual is an end in himself, entitled to live by the judgment of his mind in pursuit of his own life and happiness; and that we are sovereign beings who deal with each other by voluntary trade to mutual benefit. The Atlas Society makes the moral case for liberty heard.

“By making the moral case for individual rights, limited government, and capitalism, The Atlas Society plays a vital role in the freedom movement, providing a much-needed foundation for the work of other organizations that focus on economic and policy issues.”

     —Bob Poole, Founder, The Reason Foundation


The pursuit of happiness. Ayn Rand’s exalted view of man’s potential, and her call for a morality of rational self-interest, achievement, and personal happiness, speaks to the best in each of us. Open Objectivism applies to every aspect of life, from achievement at work to art and love, character and pride.

A lens on the world. Objectivism provides a philosophical perspective for making sense of the world, a lens for seeing things clearly. The Atlas Society provides insight on the essential causes of events and the meaning of trends in politics, culture, and ideas.

"The Atlas Society is an oasis of reason and benevolence in an environment where Objectivists can meet fellow Objectivists, form personal or professional alliances, examine new applications of the Objectivist philosophy, share ideas, sharpen their understanding of Objectivism, and explore ways to bring their vision back to the world."

—Nathaniel Branden, Author & Psychologist


A global approach. The Atlas Society has developed the content, programming, platforms, and approach to engage audiences beyond existing Objectivist and libertarian circles.   Our user-friendly Web site, www.atlassociety.org, features videos, webcasts, and other state-of-the-art media. The site has several thousand pages of Objectivist philosophy, cultural commentary, and applications to personal life—all the best of the powerful intellectual work we created in over two decades, with new material added continually. These ideas can change our culture and the world.


Open Objectivism. Ayn Rand laid the foundation of Objectivism. It is now the responsibility of those who grasp the brilliance of her achievement to build on that foundation, addressing the many philosophical questions she left unanswered, from the nature of certainty… to the ethics of families…to the requirements of objective law.

A commitment to truth and independence. Objectivism is not a religion with teachings defined by a sacred text like the Bible or Qur’an. Our loyalty is not to Rand’s words but to the truth of her fundamental insights. A commitment to truth and respect for independent thought must lead onward to new questions, new answers. Our scholars have produced insights in Objectivist philosophy, from the virtue of benevolence to the nature of knowledge, and more needs to be done.

Uncompromising but civil. We address public issues in a way that is uncompromising but civil, aimed to engage and persuade all who are open to reason and committed to independent thought. We reject any use of loyalty tests in giving thinkers their due. We acknowledge, respect, and cite good work by all Objectivists and reject the closed, dogmatic style that has retarded the Objectivist movement for fifty years.

“Just as a proper society is ruled by laws, not by men, so a proper association is united by ideas, not by men, and its members are loyal to the ideas, not to the group.”

    —Ayn Rand, “The Missing Link”

We need your financial support to fight for the lives of those you love and the world that reason created—and can still save.

Invest in freedom. The Atlas Society is your agent for promoting a free society. We communicate the meaning and compelling importance of capitalism based on the values of reason, ethical self-interest, and achievement, with government limited to protecting individual rights.

Invest in yourself. Engage with our community of thinkers and achievers who share the values you cherish, your reward is ever-growing knowledge and insight into a rational philosophy and what it can mean for your happiness and success.

“Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.”

    — Ayn Rand,
The Romantic Manifesto

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