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Back to the Future: Three Philosophies of Futurism

Back to the Future: Three Philosophies of Futurism

3 Mins
May 12, 2016

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Technological progress is exponential. In the near future we may see super-intelligent machines, widespread robotic automation, advanced genetic engineering, life extension, and compelling virtual worlds. "These developments pose both promise and peril," says Jay Friedenberg, professor of psychology at Manhattan College. "If approached properly they could elevate human civilization to new heights. If utilized unethically they could destroy us."

This summer Friedenberg will present "Three Philosophies of Futurism" at our Atlas Summit conference.  He will describe three ideological approaches that advocate the use of advanced technology and contrast them with Objectivist philosophy.

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About Jay Friedenberg:

Jay Friedenberg is Chair and Professor of the Psychology Department at Manhattan College. He has written numerous textbooks on topics in cognitive science. His books include Artificial Psychology: The Quest For What it Means to be Human. He is also the author of Aphorisms From A to Z: A User’s Guide to Life.

His latest book (forthcoming, 2016) is titled Humanity’s Future: How Technology Will Change Us. It consists of a series of essays on future developments like the singularity, mind uploading, the future of capitalism, stages of civilization, space travel and global existential risks.


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The Atlas Summit is our annual summer conference on Ayn Rand's ideas and works.

This year we're excited to offer a "2-for-1" deal: register and get both FreedomFest and The Atlas Summit together at no extra cost. FreedomFest is the world's premier libertarian conference. The Atlas Summit is a pre-conference event held at the same location.

The Atlas Summit
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