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David Harriman Speaking at Atlas Summit 2014

David Harriman Speaking at Atlas Summit 2014

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May 13, 2014

In the last week, we’ve added a few extra speakers and events to the 2014 Atlas Summit program . I’m pleased to say that one of the new speakers will be David Harriman.

David Harriman

Trained in physics and philosophy, Harriman has made a name for himself as a leading Objectivist historian and philosopher of science. He is the author of The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics and is the editor of Journals of Ayn Rand . The Logical Leap is notable as the most substantial written treatment of induction in an Objectivist philosophical context. (I reviewed it here and used it as the basis for a graduate seminar in 2011 .) His main current project is the Falling Apple Science Institute , a nonprofit that is developing a unique K-12 science curriculum based on the inductive method.

David Harriman will be adding to the Atlas Summit program in two ways:

Saturday, June 21: Dinner Event: Who is John Galt? Panel .

For this panel examining where we find traces of Ayn Rand’s hero John Galt in the real world, Harriman will speak on "Isaac Newton and Power of Reason," offering reflections on the similarities between Newton and Galt.

Sunday, June 22: Luncheon Panel and Conference Closing: The Objectivist Movement Today

The Objectivist movement has helped many people apply Objectivist principles to their personal lives; it has contributed to the broad-based political movement for liberty; and it has sponsored research on the philosophy of Objectivism itself. Yet people and groups within the movement differ on a number of issues. This panel, concluding the Atlas Summit conference, will discuss what is closed and what is subject to change in the philosophy, and what kind of intellectual culture is required to help a distinctively Objectivist school of thought to grow and thrive without betraying its core principles. The Panel will include David Harriman, along with TAS founder and Chief Intellectual Officer David Kelley, and TAS chairman Jay Lapeyre, President and CEO of Laitram, LLC.

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