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Event: Ayn Rand’s Philosophical Underpinnings of Freedom

Event: Ayn Rand’s Philosophical Underpinnings of Freedom

3 Mins
February 10, 2016

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For liberty to succeed, it needs a philosophical and moral base so that its supporters can be intellectually and morally self-confident when advocating a free society as the best way to live together.

We're very pleased to announce that this month there is a unique opportunity for students to delve into one such philosophical base (Objectivism), and discuss it in an evidence-based format using excellent reasoning, with other intelligent and motivated students. The seminar is a one-evening and one-day Socratic seminar on Ayn Rand’s unique defense of individual rights and the free society, and its connection to her ethics.

Marsha Enright, one of the seminar leaders, explains: "The purpose is to demonstrate the relationship between Ayn Rand’s ethical philosophy and the political ideas to be showcased and promoted at the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC). Though Rand’s works are widely known throughout the liberty movement, there are few effective organized examinations of her writings for individuals who are curious about and/or familiar with her work and its relationship to libertarian political theory. Through discussion-based Socratic seminars, this program will enable a small group of qualified students to better grasp Rand’s ethical basis for libertarian politics."

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If you are attending the International Students for Liberty Conference, come a day early to learn about Ayn Rand’s unique and integrated moral-philosophical argument and its connection to the free society.  

In this seminar, participants will examine three of Rand's essays, “The Objectivist Ethics,” “Man’s Rights,” and “What Is Capitalism” in four shared Socratic inquiry sessions, beginning Thursday evening 2/25, and ending just before the beginning of the ISFLC on Friday 2/26.

The seminars will be led by three individuals with a longstanding interest in Ayn Rand and involvement with the Atlas Society: Marsha Familaro Enright, director of the Reason, Individualism and Freedom Institute; Dr. Raymond Raad, and Matthew Faherty. Atlas Society CEO Dr. David Kelley will be attending as an auditor.

All interested students must complete a short application, available through the button below. Those attending the seminar will need to make their own arrangements to arrive on Thursday 2/25 – one day early. Accepted students will be housed in a (shared) hotel room for the night of 2/25.

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