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Feline metaphysics

Feline metaphysics

Marsha Enright

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June 17, 2014

Ayn Rand was a cat lover

In the 1970s, I attended courses taught by Leonard Peikoff and Alan Blumenthal. Ayn Rand was often present and I got to know her a bit.

I knew that we shared an affection for cats.

Just before her birthday, I found a pin of a cat arching its back. I wrapped it and dropped it off at her office. Her secretary at first declined to accept the gift—until I said that it had only cost three dollars.

At the next course, I saw Rand wearing the pin, and mentioned that it was my gift. With her usual boundless enthusiasm and characteristically thick Russian accent, she exclaimed, “Oh, I love zis pin! It is ze essence of cat!”

Marsha Enright earned her B.A. in biology from Northwestern, and an M.A. in psychology from The New School for Social Research. In 1990, Mrs. Enright cofounded the Council Oak Montessori Elementary School and served as its executive director. Marsha Enright is currently the president of the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute, and leads development of the College of the United States and its wholly independent scholarship fund. Enright also is a writer for The New Individualist magazine

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