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Five Smartest Comments on the Ayn Rand “Draw My Life” Video

Five Smartest Comments on the Ayn Rand “Draw My Life” Video

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August 14, 2010

The Atlas Society’s Ayn Rand “Draw My Life” video has now attracted nearly 400,000 views. And the comments from viewers of the video--written, illustrated and narrated by Atlas CEO Jennifer Grossman--offer a fine overview of why Ayn Rand’s works continue to inspire millions. Here are five smartest:

1) Jeffrey Fandantium of Orland Park, Illinois said:  “The Selfishness of Rand is the understanding of entitlement to the fruit of your own labor. The Selfishness of the socialist is the feeling of entitlement to fruits of other people's labor.”

One of Rand’s philosophical achievements was to distinguish between cheating and stealing--often labeled as “selfish” behavior--and rational, ethical self-interest. And the commenter here also highlights the justice of being allowed to keep what you earn.

2)  Ed Arthur said “I really hope America can return to the greatness it had when it truly believed in individualism and respect for the individual, like it was when Rand first came here.”

In other words, America’s “greatness” is not found in some national or “higher” good or in paternalist state policies. Rather, the country is “great” because it has a system of government and supporting culture that recognizes the rights of everyone to live their lives as they see fit, to pursue their own dreams and achieve their full potential.

3) Suzy Rushing said “Ayn Rand's writings and philosophies have helped guide me through my life. I appreciate this video depiction of what was before, only my imagination. Thank you! I surmounted so many challenges in my life with the takeaways I received from Ms Rand's books. I welcome the opportunity to exchange experiences some day.”

Rand’s philosophy is about each of us being happy!

4) Bryan Balke of Denver, Colorado, on viewing Rand’s flight from the Soviet Union, offered that “It's happening again. Socialist ideals are being romanticized by Sanders supporters … government control is being hailed as the answer by Clinton supporters. Big government and corporate might are being raised up by Trump supporters. All the while, the foundation of this country is being eroded away, and one day very soon-it will all crumble.”

Tyranny is not only in the past. Today’s world is like something right out of Atlas Shrugged!

5) Video viewer Steve Scheurer of DeLand, Florida says of Atlas Shrugged, “Best book I ever read. I wish all kids would read this and understand it. Teachers TEACH.”

Here the cliché “It’s all about the children” actually has some import. For good parents, children are a priority. And yes, wouldn’t it be great if Rand’s works were in every educational curriculum? You bet!

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