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Free State Project

Free State Project

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January 25, 2011

Question: Does TAS have an official stand on the Free State Project currently taking place in New Hampshire?

Answer: The Atlas Society does not at this time have an official position on the Free State Project. However, I think it is safe to say that the long-term goals of the project are in keeping with Objectivist values.

It is a matter of practical politics to find ways to increase our political liberty. The Free State Project is an attempt to concentrate activists with generally libertarian political views in a single American state. The state the organization has chosen is New Hampshire. One can read about their reason on their web site. The goal is to exploit the existing tradition of liberty in New Hampshire, its relatively small population, and the latitude for state policy in America's federal system of government to create a substantially libertarian political unit there within the next generation.

This is a laudable goal and many Objectivists are taking part in the project. Any lover of liberty would wish the project to succeed. TAS will continue to offer the philosophical ammunition such fights for liberty ultimately depend on.

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