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Kerry O'Quinn to Speak on Struggle

Kerry O'Quinn to Speak on Struggle

2 Mins
June 7, 2012

Unfortunately, professor Anne Wortham is not able to come and speak on "Sociology in The Fountainhead," as she had planned. We wish Anne well and hope to see her at a future event.  

But into the breach has stepped Kerry O'Quinn .  

Kerry will be speaking in the 10:15 time slot on Saturday, June 30 that Anne had held. Kerry's talk is titled "Reach for the Stars." It's a personal challenge to all lovers of Ayn Rand's vision of achievement to live it in lives that stretch beyond our comfort zones and struggle to make the most of our opportunities.  

Trained as an Objectivist in the 1960s, Kerry O'Quinn has lived a life of artistic and entrepreneurial achievement, most notably as co-founder and publisher of Starlog science fiction magazine for many years, but also in various publishing, writing, and producing activities too numerous to recount here.

Kerry O'Quinn laughing it up.


(Photo) Kerry showing his irrepressible sense of humor with a statue of a childhood influence! Amen!

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