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Objectivism, Public Policy, and Entrepreneurship

Objectivism, Public Policy, and Entrepreneurship

Stephen Hicks Ph.D.

2 Mins
December 19, 2012

Atlas Summit 2012 -- In this talk, delivered at the 2012 Atlas Summit, Professor Stephen Hicks presents an Objectivist perspective on entrepreneurship and public policy. Objectivism's ethical philosophy is highly entrepreneurial, emphasizing initiative, self-responsibility, and self-creation. Consequently, Objectivism's political philosophy is entrepreneurship-friendly, emphasizing the protection of individual rights necessary for entrepreneurs to be able to function and flourish.

Beyond that, are there more specific government policies that Objectivism should promote to foster entrepreneurship--e.g., specific tax, immigration, or education policies? Further: given that we live in a sometimes-hostile-to-entrepreneurship culture, are there second-best policies that Objectivism should support to protect and encourage entrepreneurship in a mixed economy?

Filming of the Atlas Summit provided by Synthesis Mulitmedia Inc.

Stephen Hicks is Professor of Philosophy at Rockford College and executive director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship there. His works include  Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics ,  Nietzsche and the Nazis , and Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault.