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Sidebar: Scott Bullock and the Kelo Case

Sidebar: Scott Bullock and the Kelo Case

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March 13, 2011

Fall 2005 --


Scott Bullock joined the Institute for Justice at its founding in 1991 and serves as a senior attorney. He litigates property rights, free speech, and other constitutional cases in federal and state courts.

Bullock was co-counsel, with IJ attorney Dana Berliner, in the landmark Kelo vs. City of New London, and presented the oral argument on behalf of property owners before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has worked with property owners in scores of other cities challenging government-ordered, private-to-private property transfers. He led IJ’s successful campaign against eminent domain abuse in downtown Pittsburgh, and spearheaded litigation that saved the property of a Mississippi family from a state effort to take it for a Nissan plant. For that effort he was awarded the top civil rights prize by the Mississippi chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.


Susette Kelo is a registered nurse in New London, Connecticut.

In 1997 she bought a run-down waterfront cottage. She restored it lovingly, planting a charming garden. It was Susette’s dream house.

On the day before Thanksgiving 2000, the city notified Susette that it was condemning and taking her property in the name of “eminent domain.” Her home and 115 others would be turned over to a private developer on a 99-year lease--for the amount of one dollar.

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