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Sidney Powell Attacks DOJ Corruption

Sidney Powell Attacks DOJ Corruption

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May 14, 2014

The main feature at the Atlas Summit on the evening of Friday, June 20 will be our Friday, June 20 Dinner Event: A First Look at Atlas Shrugged Part III. It’s going to be a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event highlighted by a full-length screening of a pre-release, almost-finalized version of the movie Atlas Shrugged Part III.

Sidney Powell

But the screening will take place after the dinner itself.

Now the Dinner Event itself is getting an extra boost from a new speaker we’re excited to have been able to add: Sidney Powell, author of the hard-hitting new exposé Licensed to Lie .

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a prosecutor is to charge defendants only with conduct that is clearly criminal. And yet, time and time again in high-profile prosecutions the United States Department of Justice charges multiple defendan ts with crimes that simply were not crimes.

Former federal appeals prosecutor turned private practitioner, Sidney Powell, addresses these issues in her new book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Revisiting familiar cases such as the Enron collapse and the wrongful prosecution of the longest-serving Republican US senator in history, Powell captures the drama of the law and the real human costs and consequences of the corruption of justice and cautions anyone facing the Department of Injustice.

Powell will explain how the kind of corruption at play in the fictional dystopia of Atlas Shrugged is actually taking place in the halls of American government today.

Register for the dinner event alone or for the whole Atlas Summit , if you haven’t already. Don’t miss a bit of it !

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