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The Atlas Society announces student partnership with Turning Point USA

The Atlas Society announces student partnership with Turning Point USA

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August 25, 2016

As students head back to school, Turning Point USA (TPUSA)—America's fastest growing conservative youth group—and The Atlas Society (TAS), a long-established philosophy think tank, announces a partnership to screen the three-part Atlas Shrugged movie series on college campuses around the country. In the first part of 2017, 75 film screenings will be held.

"We're thrilled to work with such an energized network of student activists," said Jennifer Anju Grossman, CEO of TAS. "Turning Point is reintroducing the next generation of citizens to the moral foundations of our free-market, civil society, and the epic adventure of Atlas Shrugged is the perfect vehicle."

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With its 300 chapters nationwide and over 700 additional on-campus partner organizations, TPUSA is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with in education and campus politics. Through this partnership, TPUSA will identify and help organize campus screenings of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy, produced by TAS board member John Aglialoro. The Atlas Society will provide copies of the film, and supply speakers to talk about the making of the film, and the literature and ideas that inspired it.

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Charlie Kirk, who founded TPUSA in 2012, cheered the new co-initiative: "The Atlas Society is an organization that knows how to communicate creatively with students to market the ideas of freedom. For Turning Point, it's a natural fit."

Both TAS and TPUSA have similar missions: to identify, educate, train, and equip students to embrace the principles of individual responsibility, reason, free markets, and limited government.

"This is just the beginning," said Grossman. "We look forward to working with Turning Point to promote our other liberty-oriented projects, such as the Atlas Art Contest and our Draw My Life series, at their conferences, including the Young Women's Leadership Summit, High School Activist Conference, and Young Latino's Leadership Conference."

For twenty-five years, The Atlas Society has promoted the core values of Objectivism—reason, achievement, and ethical self-interest. These values are the moral foundation for political liberty and for personal happiness.

"At the Atlas Society,” said Jay Lapeyre, Chairman of the Board, “we don't preach to the converted. This partnership is precisely the kind of project we need to bring Ayn Rand's revolutionary vision to fresh eyes, in unconventional ways."

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